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Team Durango

Product Specifications

  • Aluminium chassis with perfect weight distribution
  • Metal gear differentials
  • Extra-thick front and rear shock absorber towers
  • Quick-release battery mounts
  • Quick release slipper-clutch and spur-gear
  • Incredibly quick gear access (the front diff. can be removed with only six screws)

The Rougher The Better!
Built to win on the race track, the new DESC410R is built FAST and is tough enough for the rigors and excitement of 4WD Short Course racing. Extensively tested by the likes of multiple World Champion Brian Kinwald the DESC410R takes the finest of Team Durango's design elements, toughness, handling and ability to put the power down on the track where it counts.

FAT shock!
Big Bore dampers are standard equipment on the DESC410R they handle the biggest landings and roughest terrain better than anything else - it's that simple. More oil means that the FAT shocks don't have to work as hard, plus they stay more consistent through a run as well as soaking up monster jumps. With three piston options in the kit, you've got all the tuning you need to handle any track you'll encounter on your way to the podium.

The chassis on our SC truck is built like no other - with an alloy sandwich construction making a super tough and rigid platform to hang the rest of the truck from. Toughness is important when you go wheel-to-wheel, and the whole suspension system and drivetrain is designed to take the punishment of top-flight competition racing.

A CNC machined, 7075 T6, front suspension hanger works alongside an alloy hanger on the rear end of the car to make the DESC410R capable of taking the knocks that full-contact racing provides.

Handle the POWER
550 motors are the new standard in 4WD Short Course and the DESC410R is designed from the ground-up to handle the incredible power these motors can put out - whether it's the included Module-1 spur gear option, the tough drivetrain, the large drive hex or the centre slipper/differential option - the DESC410R can handle the power and make it count on the track.

Bare Your TEETH
48DP and Module-1 spur gears are both included in the kit - so you can run the 'regular' 48DP gears in controlled class racing or choose the BIG gears to handle the power of the 550 class motors.

Proven 4WD
The DESC410R uses oil-filled differentials at either end of the truck for long-lasting tuning. Dial your car into any track condition.

Slipper or Differential?
The DESC410R comes with a heavy duty racing slipper to protect the drivetrain or help smooth the truck out on high grip surfaces. Remove the diff-locker though and with a few low-priced option parts you can add an oil-filled centre slipper option to your arsenal to really smooth out your ride.

oversized HEX
Oversized and future-proof 15mm drive hexes handle the raw torque of the powerful 550 motors and give a stable platform to the wheels. The hex is narrow to minimise wheel off-set and allow the suspension to sit further out - optimizing race geometry, and giving you the edge.

LOW Rider
The low centre of gravity design of the DESC410R has a near perfect weight distribution front-to-rear and side-to-side, for predictable and stable handling corner to corner, time and again. The compact layout keeps body roll to a minimum yet has plenty of room for electrics whilst the optional under-body cover can be purchased separately to protect the electronics from the worst conditions you'll see on any race track.

Race Geometry
The DESC410R has all race geometry and setup-options you need to race at the top level - placing it at the forefront of the new 4WD SC class. Do your bragging on the race track where it counts.

Lightweight & Rugged
Lightweight race bumpers sit at the front and rear of the car, with a full width front bumper, a small rear bumper and side impact - absorbing 'nerf' guards - all designed to be as lightweight as possible without sacrificing strength.

Scale Looks - Race Bred
Looks is what Short Course is all about - and our lightweight race wheels retain a realistic scale appearance to fit with the SC ideology. They're designed to handle the power without the weight penalty. Standard tire fitment is a feature of the wheels - so using the tires that are suitable for your favourite track won't be a problem.

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