1/24-scale 4WD Micro Truggy


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1/24-scale 4WD Micro Truggy

Product Specifications

  • Long-lasting battery pack and charger
  • 2-in-1 ESC/receiver combo unit
  • Powerful micro motor
  • Adjustable, composite, coil-over shocks
  • Durable, molded composite chassis
  • Shaft-driven transmission gear differential
  • Micro all-terrain Kingpin™ tires
  • Simple bottom-load battery compartment
  • Threaded axles (no e-clips required)
  • Dish racing wheels
  • Micro steering servo
2-in-1 Combo Unit
To reduce weight and save space, the digital proportional speed control with reverse is located on the same component as the receiver.
combo unit
Innovative Micro 4X4 Chassis
The shaft-driven 4-wheel-drive system with front and rear gear differentials will ensure the power from the micro motor is put to the ground for turf-shredding Micro action. The vehicle is equipped with a fully functional slipper, creating an extremely durable drive system.
Micro 4X4 Chassis
Simple Bottom-Load Battery Compartment
No tools are needed to swap out the battery to keep the 4X4 fun going.
Battery Compartment
Adjustable Oil-Filled, Coil-Over Shocks
These threaded, oil-filled shocks are adjustable and ensure the desired suspension performance feels just like larger scale shocks, but in a micro size.
Mini Kingpin Treaded Tires
Scaled-down from the race-proven 1/10- and 1/8-scale Kingpin tread design, these mini tires will provide ample traction on multiple surface types.
Long Runtime Battery and Charger
The 4WD Micro Truggy arrives assembled and ready to run, including a 4.8V 220mAh NiMH battery and wall charger. The battery pack features powerful, long-life NiMH cells for plenty of power and run time.

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